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Laboratory and monitoring

The laboratory performs chemical, microbiological, and geomechanical analysis on the air, soil, and waste and also performs environmental monitoring:

• water analysis (drinkable, subterranean, superficial, and wastewater)
• waste analysis and classification
• asbestos analysis
• agricultural soil analysis and survey results
• biomass analysis
• microbiological analysis
• geomechanical tests
• atmospheric emissions
• air analysis in work areas
• noise and noise pollution assessment
• dump gas analysis
• sampling of environmental matrices and hazardous substances

The activities are performed by highly qualified technicians with experience in the environmental sector, ensuring absolute reliability of the services offered. In the analytical field, we specialize in the research and determination of organic and inorganic micropollutants. To ensure technical competence of the structure as well as the quality of the analytical data, the test laboratory participates in interlaboratory circuits. Methods are adopted according to international standards (DIN, EN, EPA, ISO, NIOSH, UNI). We focus on the experience acquired and continuous technical and training updates in order to offer solutions that are appropriate for all types of environmental and work safety issues.

The chemical laboratory is equipped with the following cutting edge equipment:
• GC with FID detector
• HPLC with DAD detector
• LC for ionic exchange chromatography
• Spectrophotometer with UV-VIS detectors
• Phase contrast optical microscope
• TOC analyser
• Automatic extractor

Consulting and Design (insert photo)
We have multi-disciplinary and specialized skills in the reclamation intervention planning sector. Experience acquired in the field is the best training to identify and choose the most appropriate reclamation methods and technologies.
Primary services:

• Assessment of the status of a contaminated site
• Preliminary assessment of reconversion costs
• Site characterization plan
• Environmental surveys (sampling, detail investigations)
• Site characterization
• Creation of pilot test;
• Environmental consulting for waste management
• Specific site risk analysis


Former Margesin reclamation project
Preliminary and definitive planning for on-site reclamation of an industrial area that hosted the production of pesticides. Creation of a pilot test to determine the appropriate technologies

Edison substation characterization
Creation of a characterization plan and field surveys to determine the status of the site called “Edison substation” Use of contamination detection tools before drilling.

Area characterization, Brennero Motorway
Planning and execution of characterization of a site for commercial use through drilling probes without core destruction. Determination of the physical and chemical characteristics of the aquifer and return of the data on 3D map.