24 Jul
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Ladurner’s research and development of products and services has always been continuous, intense, and organized, as befits a group that makes technological innovation and cutting-edge solutions one of its key differentiators.
International collaborations and partnerships ensure that Ladurner continuously monitors the market and industry in all of its areas of activity including waste to energy, water treatment, reclamation, and environmental services. It is able to rely on a leading position alongside its international partners from which it draws expertise and technical and scientific experience. In the same manner, collaboration is sought with technical-scientific organisations, even those linked to individual sectors such as CiC (composting and biogas), ISWA (International Solid Waste Association), Cti (Italian Thermotechnical Committee for RDF and waste-to-energy incineration), EN-UNI (European standards), Federambiente, etc. Participation in EU and national projects and research agreements with universities with high scientific and technological value, internships for new graduates and/or undergraduates for process theses, and development and application of the BAT for Italian organisations along with a team of top level planners are other factors supporting Ladurner’s research and development.
These actions include the research and development activities currently being conducted with leading National Research Institutes such as CNR and ENEA and Universities in the field of production and use of innovative renewable energy sources. In particular, Ladurner Srl is the leader in the Project “Production of Renewable Energy with Minimum Impact by a mix of biomasses and special, non hazardous waste through Innovative Processes,” within the Ministerial program “Industria 2015”.