26 Sep
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Ladurner Solar

Ladurner Solar is a qualified operator in the photovoltaic sector with an impressive track record. With years of experience in planning, constructing, and managing industrial-sized photovoltaic parks, today Ladurner Solar performs Asset Management activities for investors, supporting them in evaluations, purchasing, and management (O&M) of assets through technical due diligence and, when necessary, offering technical solutions to stabilise and improve production performance over time. Ladurner Solar, in collaboration with the group ESCO, plans and constructs photovoltaic solutions aimed at integrating energy savings projects for public and private organisations. Among the most innovative frontiers featuring a different application of photovoltaics, Ladurner Solar has focused its applied research on Stand-Alone Industrial Plants where all the energy produced is used through accumulation in a Battery system. This solution allows industrial customers to reach full energy autonomy. In its role as EPC Contractor, Ladurner Solar provides turnkey Industrial Plants (on roofs) and Ground Plants (Solar Parks) as well as plants on agricultural greenhouses and on parking lot canopies.