17 Jun
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loo_rem_tecRem Tec srl Environmental reclamations – waste treatment is the result of the collaboration of two leading groups, each in its own sector, with the purpose of responding to the growing need for qualified and reliable subjects in the environmental reclamation and treatment of reclamation and industrial waste.
Our Ladurner Ambiente Group, an international company in the environmental sector with activities ranging from the construction and management of waste treatment plants, machines and systems for treating municipal and industrial wastewater to the production of renewable energy from solid and liquid waste and from agricultural biomass, and the Erdbau Group that has a decade of experience in Alto Adige in the recovery and leveraging of materials from demolition and mining land.

Thus REM TEC offers an effective combination of skills, with a complementary combination of experience and abilities in the planning and execution of contaminated site reclamations and a multi-function platform dedicated to the management of waste resulting from those operations.
Rem-Tec works in all facets of the industry for the environmental reclamation of contaminated sites, starting with characterizations and risk analysis and including environmental recovery, the management of hazardous and non hazardous waste resulting from reclamation activities and finally arriving at the requalification of abandoned industrial areas. Rem-Tec also offers removal and disposal of products and soil containing asbestos that are functional and also supplement the contaminated site reclamation activities and the disposal of industrial and commercial systems. To complete the range of services in the sector, Rem-Tec has waste brokerage professionals to begin recovery or disposal both in Italy and abroad and also has a laboratory for performing chemical analysis and environmental monitoring.